Choose your new Buddy to play, care and love on #Buddies!

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You can change the personality of your Buddy according to your interactions in the game

Signum Game Studio launches #Buddies, a mobile pet game where the player can choose between two Buddies to play, care and love. Children and teenagers of all ages can learn how to raise a virtual pet as the Buddy develops according to their actions. Drak the baby dragon and Booh the baby ghost are the available Buddies for mobile devices.

Besides having the usual customization with many clothes, accessories and colors common in many pet games, #Buddies differ by having this extra layer that is the development of personality: “The player learns that every action is reflected on the Buddy’s personality.” says Leonardo Sanada, Producer at Signum Game Studio.

When starting the game for the first time the player can choose between Dark and Booh, give it a name and then go the Buddies Village where the pets live. There the player can access the Buddy’s Bedroom, Bathtub, Toilet, Mini-Games, Challenges Board, Closet and the Shop, where foods, clothes and many gifts are found!

The player needs to take care of 4 main Status of the Buddy: Health, Empathy, Hunger and Energy. To keep it’s Health high, give it some healthy food like fruits or natural juices. To keep it’s Empathy high, tickle it and play Mini-Games. To keep it’s Hunger under control, feed it regularly. The Buddy’s Energy will only decrease by playing Mini-Games, but to recover it the Buddy needs to sleep. Every Status, except Energy, that gets too low will affect the other Buddy’s Status and Experience Gain negatively. On the other hand, high Status will affect the others Status and Experience Gain positively!

“Signum already has other projects aiming for children and teenagers Education, such as #Buddies: Learn, a spin-off that teaches basic logic programming.” says Rafaela Costa, Signum Game Studio’s CEO. #Buddies: Learn was launched in partnership with Microsoft during a global coding event, The Hour of Code.

#Buddies is available now for Android, iOS and Windows. More information can be found at Stay tuned at and at for fresh news and updates.

Buddies Village is where you will meet your Buddy to play, care and love!

Team Signum